Carnival Game Rentals in Miami

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Shoot and Shower 

Mission Impassable Lazer Maze Game Trailer

Come inside and face quite a challenge as you duck and jump through a field of laser mazes which you must try to avoid. Very fun and challenging! Excellent choice for school carnivals and church festivals!

Area Needed for Setup: 10'x20'x10'H Sq. Foot is the Size of the trailer.








Clowning Around

Clowning Around

Object is to race your opponent by using the cone shooting air and moving the ball from one end to the other end. A game of patience and balance!

Area Needed for Setup: 10'x15'x10'H Sq. Foot is needed.






Shoot and Shower 

Dunk Bozo The Clown!

We've all seen this at the fair! This clown will get on your last nerve as you try to dunk him into deep waters! 30'Lx40'Wx20'H










Pit Stop Challenge

Pit Stop Challenge

Every Nascar Fan's challenge! Time yourself and see how long it takes you to change a professinal race car's tire! See if you can make it to be part of a professional race car's crew!

Area Needed for Setup: 12'x10'x9'H Sq. Foot is needed.






Shoot and Shower 


Description coming soon!

Area Needed for Setup: 10'x18'x10'H Sq. Foot is needed.








Dunk Tank Rentals

Kiddie Striker Rentals in Miami

Every kids favorite carnival game is the kiddie striker. Grab a hammer and see if you can hit it hard enough to ring the bell!

Area Needed for Setup: 5'x5'x16'H Sq. Foot is needed.







Shoot and Shower 


Think you're  Michael Jordan? If you're not, you'll be all washed up in this competitive game of free throw fun. The Shoot-N-Shower is a great game for colleges, School events, company picnics. Two players shoot hoops for 20 seconds against their opponent, the highest score wins! The loser gets soaked!!

Measures 8'Wx32L'x12'H




Dunk Tank Rentals

Dunk Tank Rentals in Miami

Dunk tank rentals in Miami has long been a favorite at carnivals, festivals, corporate events, and fairs. A great item for those hot summer days. Used at schools for fundraisers as students can now dunk their teacher or principal. The same concept can be used for corporate events as now employees can dunk their boss! Call well in advance to reserve your dunk tank rentals in Miami.

Area Needed for Setup: 10'x15'x10'H Sq. Foot is needed.



Double shot Basketball

Triple Shot Basketball Shootout

The triple shot basketball shootout game is a ton of fun at carnivals and birthtday parties! 3 players compete against each other to see who has the better shot accuracy in the least amount of time. This inflatable basketball game is a hit at every carnival!

Area Needed for Setup: 15'x20'x16'H Sq. Foot is needed.





Midway Games TrailerMidway Games Trailer

This Midway games trailer is everyone's favorite at the fair. An exact original of the water balloon race game seen at the dade county fair. If you planning a school carnival or church festival the Midway games trailer is a must. An 18 player water ballon race will keep your guests entertained and the winner will always receive a prize!

Area Needed for Setup: 15'x40'x15'H Sq. Foot is needed.





Carnival Booth Rentals

Carnival Booth Rentals

Carnival booth rentals are a great addition to any carnival or festival. We carry many table top games for you to choose from. You can rent the booths by themselves or with games included. Call us for more details.

Area Needed for Setup: 10'x10'x18'H Sq. Foot is needed.








Midway Games TrailerInflatable-Carnival-Booths

Same as our other carnival booths but inflatable. a really nice and different look to make your carnival games stand out.

Area Needed for Setup: 20'x20'x12'H Sq. Foot is needed.







Portable Manicure Machine Rentals

Portable Manicure Machine

Description coming soon. Call us for more details.