Interactive Inflatable Rentals in Miami

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Jump Padt-ball


Climb up the stairs and free fall 17ft to and inflatable safely. Great for an adrenaline rush.

Area Needed for Setup: 25'x12'x17'H Sq. Foot is needed.







Jump Pad 


The perfect interactive inflatable for baseball enthusiasts!

Area Needed for Setup: 10'x10'x10'H Sq. Foot is needed.









Soccer Darts 

Soccer Darts

Soccer Fans rejoice! Lets play this years most fun interactive game called Soccer Darts!!!

Area Needed for Setup: 15'x5'x20'H Sq. Foot is needed.








zorb track

Zorb Track

Race your friends in our latest attraction called The Zorb Track. Enter a Zorb Ball and spin as fast as you can as you race your friends down the track! Can be used wet or dry!!!

Area Needed for Setup: 100'L x 33'W Sq. Foot is needed.








Zip Line rentals Miami 

Ultimate Survivor Zip Line Experience

For those that have never experienced Zip Lining before your in for some serious excitement. Adrenaline junkies will love to try this out. We are the first Party Rental Company to be offering the inflatable version of a Zip Line experience at about half the cost of our other competitors!


Area Needed for Setup: 35'x45'x30'H Sq. Foot is needed.






Giant Sports Arena

Giant Sports Arena

The ultimate ALL IN ONE interactive inflatable game. Play soccer, joust, volleyball, and Basketball all in one fun inflatable!

Area Needed for Setup: 20'x25'x16'H Sq. Foot is needed.








Paintball Shooting Gallery rentals in miami 

Heat Ball

Our heat ball basketball game is excellent for practicing your money shots while competing with your friends.

Area Needed for Setup: 20'x20'x12'H Sq. Foot is needed.









Whip It Rental in miami

Whip It

Our newsest interactive inflatable is called the whip it. 5 friends challenge each other as they jump the moving inflatable stick thats trying to knock them down. Be the last one standing and be declared the whip it champion.

Area Needed for Setup: 30'x30'x10'H Sq. Foot is needed.





Wild West Shootout Rental in miami

Speed Ball Pitch

Are you a baseball enthusiast? Want to see if you can hang with the best pitchers in the game? Then this is the interactive game you've been looking for! Lets check the spped of your pitch and how accurate you are in throwing strikes!

Area Needed for Setup: 15'x15'x10'H Sq. Foot is needed.








Paintball Shooting Gallery rentals in miami 

Paintball Shooting Gallery

Our most popular and in demand interactive rental today. Grab a paintball gun and shoot at moving live targets! That's right...MOVING LIVE TARGETS. Our professional paintball players are very quick and agile and you'll be hard pressed if you think you're going to unload on them easy. This will be a very challenging interactive experience and one that will have you coming back for just one more round!

Area Needed for Setup: 30'x30'x22'H Sq. Foot is needed.






Wild West Shootout Rental in miami

Wild West Shootout

Our you having a western themed event? Then check out this interactive westren game called the Wild West Shootout! Fire a nerf ball gun at different objects inside this interactive inflatable.


Area Needed for Setup: 20'x20'x16'H Sq. Foot is needed.









wrecking ball rentals in miami 

Wrecking Ball

Our latest and greatest interactive inflatable is called the wrecking ball. 4 players stand opposite each other as they throw the swinging wrecking ball towards each other. Last one standing will be declared the winner.

Area Needed for Setup: 25'x25'x16'H Sq. Foot is needed.



toddler station rentals in miami 

Toddler Island

Our toddler island interactive inflatable is perfect safely entertaining all the smaller kids at your event. With colorful animal pop ups and a tiny slide they will be entertained for hours

Area Needed for Setup: 20'x25'x8'H Sq. Foot is needed.








big baller rentals in miami

Big Baller Obstacle Course

An obstacle course unlike any other! Designed to challenge and entertain, this giant obstacle course features four huge red inflatable balls surrounded by a blue ball pit resembling a moat filled with water. Players start on one side and must jump or run across the big balls to make it to the platform on the opposite side without falling in the 'moat.' But even if everyone falls without making it across, they'll still have a ball. The ball pit is cushioned with our patented Zero Shock technology and feels like falling into water. The sides of this red and blue obstacle course are cushioned and designed to make sure players who fall off the big balls fall safely into the Zero Shock zones. As much to watch as it is to play, the Big Baller obstacle course will make your next event fun for everyone!

Area Needed for Setup: 20'x40'x10 Sq. Foot is needed.







joust rentals in miami 

Gladiator Joust

Interactive inflatable rentals in Miami are all the rage these days and the gladiator joust is one of the best! Its a through back from the tv show american gladiators! The joust is a favorite at school carnivals, church festivals, and for corporate events. The joust has easily become Miami's favorite competitive interactive inflatable!

Area Needed for Setup: 25'x25'x15'H Sq. Foot is needed.








bungee run rentals in miami

Bungee Run

This two player bungee run is a lot of fun at birthday parties, carnivals, festivals, and corporate picnics! See who can reach the furthest before the bungee cord pulls you back. This interactive inflatable rental in Miami is very popular among high school and college students.

Area Needed for Setup: 20'x35'x10 Sq. Foot is needed.









airborne adventure rentals in miami



Parachute Adventures

Finally an answer for that customer who wants something different! The Parachute Adventure has an inner capsule where kids are harnessed into a parachute. A flick of the switch and it's up, and away, rising them almost 20' high for a birds eye view of the entire area! Turn off the switch, and they are gently lowered to earth. Gives Hang Time' a whole new meaning! Measures 20Wx20Lx20H.










interactive inflatable rentals in miami

Extreme Sports Challenge

The extreme sports challenge is a very competitive and fun interactive inflatable! 4 players are competing to see who can dunk the ball first into the basket but they are tied to the same bungee cord the other player is tied to making it similar to a tug-of-war type of game where they challenge each other's strength and endurance. Very popular among high school and college kids!

Area Needed for Setup: 30'x30'x15 Sq. Foot is needed.








midway games trailer rentals in miamiMidway Games Trailer

This Midway games trailer is evryone's favorite at the fair. An exact original of the water balloon race game seen at the dade county fair. If you planning a school carnival or church festival the Midway games trailer is a must. An 18 player water ballon race will keep your guests entertained and the winner will always receive a prize!

Area Needed for Setup: 30'x40'x10'H Sq. Foot is needed.









bouncy boxing rentals in miami

Bouncy Boxing

The bouncy boxing ring is a real fun interactive game. Lets get ready to rumble with head gear and oversized boxing gloves! This unit is one of the most popular interactive inflatable rentals in Miami.

Area Needed for Setup: 25'x25'x10'H Sq. Foot is needed.











Jacobs ladder rentals in miami

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder was everone's favorite interactive game at the fair. I remember trying to climb up as fast as i could to ring the bell and beat my friends. Challenging, physical and fun. It's a great test of balance and coordination for all ages. This is by far the most fun you'll ever have on an interactive inflatable rentals in Miami.

Area Needed for Setup: 18'x25'x10'H Sq. Foot is needed.








miami interactive inflatables

UFO Experience

This spectacular UFO inflatable will be a big hit at any party, festival, or special event.  Children's imaginations will run wild as the large green alien sits atop the large space ship and moves about as children play inside. The spaceship hovers in space as it tilts back and forth.  The center of the ship remains attached to inflated base while allowing the ship to bop and tilt across its 360 degree base. As children enter the hatch doors, they stand on a bouncy air filled floor.  Then as the children move about the UFO interior, the spaceship tilts to and from providing an exhilarating ride that kids will love!

Area Needed for Setup: 20'x20'x20'H Sq. Foot is needed.



adrenaline rush obstacle course rentals in miami 

Adrenaline Rush 2

The best obstacle course rentals in Miami! The Adrenaline Rush is a 360 degree obstacle course that has tunnels, log jams, crawl throughs, up and overs, rock climbs, and a 16ft slide! This is great for competive games and used many times at carnivals, festivals, and birthday parties. These obstacle course rentals in Miami measure 40'Lx27'Wx16'H.



Triple Shot Basketball

Triple Shot Basketball Shootout

The triple shot basketball shootout game is a ton of fun at carnivals and birthtday parties! 3 players compete against each other to see who has the better shot accuracy in the least amount of time. This inflatable basketball game is a hit at every carnival!

Area Needed for Setup: 18'x20'x18'H Sq. Foot is needed.






Pirate Ship Rentals in Miami 

Pirate Ship Rentals

Pirate Ship Rentals in Miami are awesome for the kids looking to have an "Ahoy Matey" super fun day. Call us for more info on the pirate ship rentals.

Area Needed for Setup: 20'x30'x22'H Sq. Foot is needed.








Inflatable car wash

Inflatable Car Wash

Ever wondered what is actually like to enter a car wash without a car? Well this is what we have here folks. Great for those hot summer days. What better way to cool down then entering a human bubble bath car wash!

Area Needed for Setup: 20'x20'x10'H Sq. Foot is needed.





toddler inflatabal zoo rentals in miami 

Toddler Kiddie Zoo Rentals

Our Inflatable Kiddie Zoo Rental in Miami is that perfect interactive inflatable for toddlers! Animals adorn the whole inflatable and it has a mini slide where they can slide down from. Perfect for Toddlers up to 3 years of age!

Area Needed for Setup: 20'x20'x12'H Square Foot is needed.






Ultimate Obstacle Course Rental in Miami


The Ultimate Obstacle Challenge

Our latest and greatest obstacle challenge is named the Ultimate Challenge for a reason. It's challenging to say the least but most of all its fun. Challenge your friends to the ultimate obstacle challenge!

Area Needed for Setup: 27'x40'x16'H Sq. Foot is needed.






Obstacle Course Rentals in Miami 

Playtona Obstacle Challenge

For all you race fans out there we now have our newest race theme obstacle course called the Playtona! Race among your friends or go through the unique obstacle course just for fun!

Area Needed for Setup: 20'x25' Sq. Foot is needed.









Obstacle course rentals in Miami

4N1 Obstacle Course

A very straight forward and narrow obstacle course. Run through this course diving, climbing, crawling, and sliding!

Area Needed for Setup: 18'x25'x10'H Sq. Foot is needed.









Obstacle Course Rentals in Miami 

Warriors Jump Obstacle Challenge

For all you extreme workout fans out there we now have our newest obstacle course called Warriors Jump! Race across jumping across bigger inflatable logs until its time to climb the ladder and slide down to the finish.

Area Needed for Setup: 10'x40'x15' Sq. Foot is needed.