Tent Rentals in Miami

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Tent rentals in Miami are very popular from small backyard events to big corporate parties and weddings. We carry very wide assortment of tents that we cannot possibly list it all here. If your looking for something specific please don't hesitate to call us. If your not sure if a tent will fit at your event we may be able to schedule a visit with you to measure the space needed to assemble it. We also carry many different accessories for the tent such as lighting, tent walls, tent liners, dance floors, stages, and so much more. call us at 305-234-4555 for more information on tentrentals in Miami.

tent rentals in Miami 

10x10 Tent

A 10x10 tent's seating capacity is only for 10 guests. It is mostly used at carnivals or at conventions for vendors to set up one table and a maximum of about 10 chairs. We carry an inventory of over 100 10x10 tents for all your event needs.





10x20 tent rentals in Miami

10x20 Tent

10x20 Tents are common for small gatherings at homes or parks. The seating capicity is only for about 20 guests. We can also supply you with 2 round or rectangular tables with 20 chairs to accomodate your event needs.






20x20 tent rentals in Miami

20x20 Tent

20x20 tents are the most commonly rented for small to medium sized events. The seating capacity for a 20x20 tent is 40 guests. You can fit four tables and up to 40 chairs. We can also add globe lights if your having a night event. Call us with any questions you may have.






20x30 tent rentals in Miami

20x30 Tent

20x30 tents can fit a maximum of 60 guests. Great for a medium sized event such as a corporate picnic.









20x40 tent rentals in Miami

20x40 Tent

A 20x40 tent can accomodate up to 80 guests! Great for medium sized events like corporte picnics and weddings. We can also add side walls with cathedral windows and add air conditioning to cool of your guests during those hot summer days. Call us for more info.






40x60 tent rentals in Miami

40x60 Tent

A 40x60 tent can seat up to 240 guests and can get decked out with liners, lights, tent walls with cathedral windows, air conditioning, and you'll still have enough room for a decent sized dance floor. Great for big weddings. Let us take care of everything for you. Call us for more info.